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Express highway in permafrost regions

Express highway in permafrost regions 

Wang Shuangjie#1, Chen Jianbing1, Dong Yuanhong*1, Guangwen (Gordon) Zhang2

 1. State Key Laboratory of Road Engineering Safety and Health in Cold and High-Altitude Regions, CCCC First Highway Consultants Co., Ltd,Xi’an, 710065, China, dyhvic@gmail.com.

2. Tetra Tech Canada,Edmonton,  Canada

* PYRN Member      # session organizer and corresponding author

Session description :

There are various technical challenges in the design and construction of an expressway in permafrost regions. Thermal interaction of degrading permafrost environment and large-size expressway structures is complicated under climate conditions with a warming trend. Engineering countermeasures to mitigate the high risk of frost- and thaw-induced deformations and instability are required to meet high technical/performance requirements and maintain structure stability for an expressway in permafrost regions. In the past decade, engineering and research progresses have been made on many subjects associated with an expressway in permafrost regions, including permafrost environment, structure stability, monitoring technology, ecological environment conservation, construction technique, engineering design, and adaptive countermeasures. In August 2017, the first expressway ever constructed in permafrost regions, namely the Gonghe-Yushu Expressway in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau was open for service. Therefore, it is of great importance and interest to have a special session on expressway design and construction in permafrost regions. The session will accept all aspects of technical subjects associated with an expressway in permafrost regions and will have a special focus on the thermal interaction between degrading permafrost and expressway structures, as well as adaptive countermeasures under a warming climate trend.

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