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1、More options for local tours may be available for individual or group interests

 (1) Liujiaxia Dam

   The Liujiaxia Dam is a major hydroelectric dam on the upper Yellow River, in Linxia Hui Autonomous county of Gansu Province. The dam locates about 70 kilometers (43 mi) from Lanzhou which is a concrete gravity dam with 147 meters (482 ft) high and 16 meters (52 ft) wide on top. The main section of the dam is 204 meters (669 ft) long;if added up with the auxiliary sections on both ends, the length of it will be 840 meters (2,756 ft).

   The primary purpose of the dam is generating electricity. The power plant has 5 generators with the total installed capacity of 1,225 MW. It became fully operational in 1974 and was the largest hydroelectric power plant in China before 1980s. Moreover, it is also used for flood control, irrigation, and "ice flood prevention". The Liujiaxia Reservoir formed by the dam is the largest body of water within Gansu Province.

 (2) Jiuzhou Tai

   Jiuzhou Tai is a typical loess mountain with an altitude of 2067 meters and a total area of about 5000 mu where a panoramic view of whole Lanzhou city is available. It is bordered with Chengguan district to the east and Anning district to the west, and facing the Gaolan mountain, forming a unique city landscape of two mountains with the Yellow River in between.

   It is said that when Dayu, who was an ancient Chinese emperor fighting with the flood, was passing through Lanzhou, he came to this platform, inspected the water situation of the Yellow River and made the solution, then divided China into nine states on this platform. This place is also an excursion destination for Lanzhou residents to spend the summer.

 (3) Yardang Landform

   A Yardang landform is a streamlined protuberance carved from bedrock or any consolidated or semi-consolidated material shaped through the action of wind erosion during which an originally flat surface formed of hard and soft materials, its soft material was eroded and removed by the wind, meanwhile the hard material remained. Therefore, the formation process of Yardangs landform is a combination work of the original rock distribution, the fluid mechanics of the air flow and the action of erosion.Yardang is usually featured by its elongated shape whose length is three or more times longer than its width. It’s like the hull of a boat when viewed from above. Facing the wind is a steep, blunt face that gradually gets lower and narrower toward the lee end.

 (4) Heifangtai Loess Landslide

   Heifangtai loess Plateau, known as "Chinese loess landslide experimental site", locates 42km west of Lanzhou city, Gansu province. Due to the construction of dams and hydroelectric power stations of Liujiaxia and Yangguoxia, the inhabitants in the reservoir areas were resettled to this plateau, starting irrigation in 1968 and triggering more than 140 loess landslides in this area of 13.7km2. Heifangtai Loess Plateau is a research hotspot aiming the landslide prediction in seasonally frozen regions.

 (5) Tianfushagong landform

   As the largest Danxia landscape in China’s capital city, Tianfushagong locates at the east side of Renshou Mountain, Anning district, Lanzhou. Tianfushagong is composed of red sandstone eroded by wind and water dating back to 25million years ago. The rock pillars of Tianfushagong is very broad, which is rare in other Danxia landforms in China. Although the landscape is totally natural, its appearance is extremely artificial and dramatic.

 (6) The Yellow River Scenic Belt in Lanzhou

   Lanzhou Yellow River Scenic Belt is not only the largest open urban park in China,but also the core sightseeing spot of Lanzhou. In this belt, it has 25 theme parks and sculptures, including Zhongshan Bridge which is titled as “the Oldest Bridge on Yellow River”, Statue of Mother Yellow River, Watermill Museum Park, Baita mountain park, Yintan Wetland Park, Marathon Park, etc, which include 3 national AAAA–level scenic spot; besides, along this belt, there are 22 bridges and 14 piers. The Yellow River Scenic Belt in Lanzhou, known as “Lanzhou Bund”, is the best choice for everyone to enjoy sightseeing and understand the history of Lanzhou.

2、Splendid Dance Drama "Tales of the Silk Road "on 25 June 2020

3、The Pingpong and football games will be held during the conference. The activities are being collected

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