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Coupled heat and mass transfer in cold regions

Coupled heat and mass transfer in cold regions

Wen Zhi#*1, Yui Dahu2, Alexander Zhirkov*3


1. Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 730000, wenzhi@lzb.ac.cn 

2. Henan Polytechnic university, Jiaozuo, China 454000, dhrui@hpu.edu.cn 

3. Melnikov Permafrost Institute, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Merzlotnaya St., 36, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha, Russia, zhirkov_af@mail.ru  (PYRN MEMBER)

Session description (250 word maximum in English):

The heat and mass transfer in cold regions is highly coupled involving complicated heat and mass migration and their redistributions, water phase change, heat conduction and convection, water flow movement, moisture migration and water vapour transport, etc, which is mainly responsible for special periglacial phenomena including frost heave, thaw settlement, thermokarst, etc. It also has a close relationship with most of engineering damages, such as frost jack, frost boiling, engineering instability and failure. Besides, this heat and mass transfer characteristic have been  demonstrated positive prospects in prevention and control of pollutants. This session invites contributions on coupled heat and mass transfer in cold regions, aiming to further understand followed key scientific questions, 1) The mechanism of heat and mass transfer during soil freezing and thawing, 2) The role of hydrology and precipitation on the thermal state of the active layer, permafrost, and engineering in cold regions 3) Advance in theory, model, and technology development related to the research and application of heat and mass transfer in cold regions.

Abstract: Water flow, moisture migration, frost heave

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