Welcome to The 12th International Conference on Permafrost
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1. Engineering – construction and design

1.1 Engineering Properties of Frozen Ground

Zhaohui Joey Yang, USA; Xiangbing Kong, Canada; John Thornley, USA; Feng Zhang, China.)

1.2 Frozen Ground Engineering

Xiangbing Kong, Canada; Zhaohui Joey YangUSA; Mingyi Zhang, China; Edward Yarmak, USA; Karlis Rieksts, Norway.)

1.3 Permafrost related challenges in the exploration and exploitation of natural resources

Pavel Talalay, China; Lukas Arenson, Canada; Lorna Linch, UK.)

1.4 Geotechnical problem in infrastructure construction and its countermeasure in seasonally frozen regions

Liang Tang, Guoyu Li, Xianzhang Ling, Feng Zhang, Lijun Deng, China.)

1.5 Express highway in permafrost regions

( Shuangjie Wang, Jianbing Chen, Yuanhong Dong, China; Gordon Zhang, Canada.)

2. Frost heave and thaw subsidence

2.1 Thaw subsidence and frost uplift

( Lin Liu, Hong Kong, China; Sofia Antonova, Germany; Alexandra Veremeeva, Alexander I. Kizyakov,Russia.)

2.2 Advances in measurement and modeling of frozen soil hydraulic and thermal properties: What’s new?

Hailong He, China; Miles Dyck, Canada; Yuki Kojima, Japan.)

2.3 Coupled heat and mass transfer in cold regions

Zhi Wen, Dahu Yui, China; Alexander Zhirkov, Russia.)

2.4 Constitutive Modeling of Frozen Soils

Jiankun Liu, Wei Ma, Dan Chang, China.)

3. Carbon biogeochemistry

3.1 Carbon, nitrogen and contaminants under climate pressure: Quantity and fate of permafrost inventories

( Jens Strauss, Germany; Christina Schädel, USA; Gustaf Hugelius, Sweden.)

3.2 Permafrost organic matter, nutrients and pollutants and their lateral transport within the Arctic land-ocean-continuum

George Tanski, Lisa Bröder, Netherlands; Michael Fritz, Germany; Suzanne Tank, Canada.)

3.3 Molecular Biomarkers in the Polar Regions and Cryosphere

Loeka L. Jongejans, Germany; Lisa Bröder, Netherlands; Kai Mangelsdorf, Germany; Xiaojuan Feng, China.)

4. Coastlines

4.1 The Arctic land-ocean transition. Permafrost in river delta and shelf regions of the Arctic

Matthias Fuchs, Paul Mann, Germany; Gerald V. Frost, USA.)

4.2 Polar Coastlines in Transition: Arctic - Antarctic perspectives

( Matt C. Strzelecki, Louise Farquharson, Poland; Mette Bendixen, USA.)

4.3 Subsea permafrost dynamics

( Martin Stendel, Denmark; Paul Overduin, Germany; Sara Sayedi, USA; Cuicui Mu, China.)

5. Geohazards

5.1 Thermokarst lake dynamics across multiple spatial and temporal scales

( Josefine Lenz, Germany; Frédéric Bouchard, France; Benjamin M. Jones, USA; Katrin Kohnert, Germany.)

5.2 Climate Change and Cryosphere Disasters

( Wei Shan, China; Marten.Geertsema, Canada; Ying Guo, China.)

5.3 Aufeis in changing permafrost: research challenges and opportunities

( Olga Makarieva, Russia; Timothy Ensom, Canada; Douglas Kane, USA; Vladimir Alexeev, Russia.)

5.4 Mountain permafrost and rock glacier hydrology

( Jordan S. Harrington, Pablo A. Wainstein, Canada; Lothar Schrott, Germany.)

5.5 Using model-data fusion to understand cold regions hydrological and biophysical processes in a changing climate

( Mousong Wu, China; Wexin Zhang, Sweden; Youhua Ran, China.)

6. Remote Sensing

6.1 Applications of UAV on cold region ecology and environment studies

( Shuhua Yi, China; Go Iwahana, USA; Yu Qin, China.)

6.2 Remote Sensing of Permafrost Landscape Dynamics

( Alexandra Runge, Ingmar Nitze, Germany; Annett Bartsch, Austria; Sebastian Westermann, Norway.)

7. Education

7.1 Education and Outreach – and how to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers and science leaders to manage permafrost changes

( Julie Malenfant-Lepage, Canada; Frédéric Bouchard, France; Josefine Lenz, Germany; Ylva Sjöberg, Sweden.)

NOTE: The exception is if one of the first-author abstracts is submitted to the Education and Outreach session, in which case the same first-author can make two oral presentations.

8. Other

8.1 Permafrost and Periglacial Processes: a commemoration of Professor Emeritus Hugh M. French

8.2 Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P)

8.3 Ordinary sessions


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